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So how did I started my blog?
First, I would like to introduce myself.
My name is Ma. Salome Edaniol Morante.
My friends call me Sam.

Before I came to follow Christ, I used to write daily journals about my day.
I've been doing this since elementary then got serious when I was in college.
It talks about my feelings and thoughts - what happened to me, what did I do, where did I went, and so on.
It just feels good for me to be reminded of what happened the other day, that specific day.
I love to reminisce :)

My writings changed when I fell in love with Jesus.
I became so aware of His presence.
I feel Him wherever I go.
I remember Him.
He filled my thoughts.
He must have done something to my heart that I can't understand.

I write just to myself before but now I write to Jesus.
I write those things to express what I felt, now I have someone to receive those feelings.
I have Him now to listen and it is so overwhelming for now I hear Him too.

Yes, He speaks with me mainly through the Bible.
What's happening around were confirmed by my readings as I get to spend time with Him through my regular quiet time.

I was thinking about how can I share "His story" aside from discipleship and fellowship and I came to the idea of contributing to "Our Daily Bread" a devotional book that I regularly use.
I thought, the stories that were written there are like the normal sharings in our fellowships.
Besides, my life verse from Psalm 73:28 supported this as well.
But as for me, how good it is to be near God! I have made the Sovereign Lord my shelter, and I will tell everyone about the wonderful things you do.

I like Our Daily Bread because my identity will not be published.
But, I don't know who will I contact or where will I pass my entries.
I tried to check other devotional books but I still get no chance of being connected with them.

So I just kept those writings and wait until the Lord opens a door.

One day, in November 2018, I received a message inviting me to be a guest blogger of a Christian website, she told me that she had this feeling of asking me but there is no pressure for me.

I told her I was interested but I did not push through.

Three months after, It was February 2019, she again reached me out and asked me the second time.

That same month I've met someone at a wedding who eventually became my disciple and guess what? She happened to be a writer!

I don't know but it feels God is pushing me to accept the blogging invitation through these happenings.

So I did.
Here is the LINK :)

My first blog was dated that same month and my friends liked the article.
They encouraged me to make my page and write more.
My boyfriend who was now my fiance also offered to make a website for me while I will continue writing.

After 6 months, In August 2019, I'm happy to see that God is with me in officially opening my personal blog (here it is!)
All glory to God.

My writings still include my feelings and thoughts but this time it's not only mine because it also holds Jesus' truths.

I am sharing my personal journal through this blog to testify that God is real and alive.

I didn't know that there could be someone who can fully understand me yet will still love me the same.
After coming to follow Christ, I'm still not perfect and still experiencing pain, disappointments, and trials.
I still made wrong decisions but as the Lord is faithful - He never leaves me.
He is my ultimate teacher, encourager, and supporter.

Let this blog belongs to Him and lets no one takes His glory.

Few days after opening my blog, after all those few articles that I published, some troubling thought came inside me such as doubt and fear - yet God encouraged me in my quiet time as I read Psalm 96:3, it says,
Publish His glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.


  1. Super inspiring! Keep it up Ate Sam! God bless you more. :*



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