Saturday, June 18, 2022

Open Letter to Daddy

Dear Daddy,

I want you to know that we need you and we want you.

Sometimes I know she feels trapped.

It's hard for her to move.

She can't do anything but stay beside me. 

Suddenly, she changed and became someone she have never met before.

Sometimes she feels she carries all the loads because she just can't pass it.

She's all I need the most for now - I can't help it.

Her new self requires her to invest more of her - to the point of emptying herself sometimes.

That's why we want to thank you Daddy for investing your time and strength in us.

She really needs you the most during this time Daddy.

She is scared.

She is confused.

She is overwhelmed.

She is tired. 

I know Mommy doesn't hate her newfound self.

In fact, where she is right now is a place she called something beautiful, something so precious. 

She was never been this happy all her life, not until I came and she enters this new place called "motherhood".

It's just that Mommy needs someone who will help her figure out things.

And thank you for being that someone.

Thank you for helping Mommy to embrace her new self for there is no way she can be the same after I grew inside of her and came out from her.

Your support means so much to me and Mommy.

And we thank you for offering your arms and back to us.

You make Mommy feel beautiful more than before.

I know you are proud of Mommy for carrying and delivering me but we also want you to know that without you, we cannot make it through.

Your positivity has a great impact on us.

You shared with mommy's burdens, worries, and fears and assured her that everything is fine and okay because God holds us.

You know that Mommy feels loved whenever you carry me and play with me so you do it even if sometimes all I want is Mommy alone.

Don't be jealous, Daddy.

I also do love you with all that I am.

Please know that she loves it when I laugh because of you. 

It makes her fall in love with you the more.

She appreciates you when you help her stop me from crying and sing me lullabies to sleep.

My smiles, laughter, and touch make mommy's world more than better.

You know it pains mommy seeing me cry, so you always find ways to make me smile.

We feel safe and secure whenever you are with us.

That's why we always want to be with you Daddy - so be used to being with us always.

We don't want you to be away for so long and are always excited whenever you are going home.

I love seeing both of your faces and I love hearing both of your voices.

I want you and mommy to witness my everyday growth and development.

Thank you for sharing mommy's joy by discovering myself - what I love, I hate, what makes me smile, makes me cry, what I can do and what I am fascinated by.

I praise God for you Daddy because I know you are also adjusting to fatherhood and yet you need to be strong for both of us. 

Mommy and I can lean on you while you don't have anyone here physically to lean on - Thankfully you know there is a God who sees us.

He is our ultimate Father, ultimate Protector, and ultimate source of strength.

Whenever it's hard for you to understand Mommy, remember there is the Lord who can give you wisdom whenever you ask for it.

And even if you have made mistakes, I still have confidence in you Daddy because I know you love the LORD ultimately more than us.

And like Jesus, you are gentle and humble at heart.

Indeed, His love has perfected us through Christ Jesus, our Lord.

I am thankful that I was made out of this perfected love of Christ through Mommy and you.

After all, parenthood takes its pattern from God himself because He is love.

This life I have comes from your intimate love with each other as husband and wife and that love ultimately began within God Himself because, in His love, there is life.

Thank you Daddy for being there whenever we need you and we want you.

Please also know that we love you more than so much.


your Baby as spokesperson of Mommy


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