Saturday, September 14, 2019

JOSHUA 2, I am Rahab looking for my two spies

I don't like to be Rahab.
For me, she is not the ideal woman that this world defined.
She wasn't described as a lady who has a good background hence I don't think I could trust her and befriend her.
She is simply not the type of person I would go to for help.

Yet the Lord used her.

When Joshua has sent two spies to check out the city of Jericho they "happened" to stay at the house of Rahab.
Jericho is the first city in the land of Canaan that the Israelites would conquer after crossing the Jordan River.
She helped these two spies who were haunted by the King of Jericho.
And to make the long story short, they safely returned to their camp and Israelites had succeeded conquering the city.

The Lord has used someone like Rahab to carry out His promise.

This is a reminder for me that no matter how bad or hopeless I think myself is, the Lord does not judge me.
He is compassionate, merciful and forgiving.
He gives hope.
He still loves me, believes in me and wants to use me.
The Lord trusted me when it feels no one does.
He gave me worth - the chance I've been longing for.

It is also striking to me that throughout the chapter it is only Joshua and Rahab who were named while the two spies stayed unknown.
I think of reasons why is that so.

Joshua can be a picture of Christ here while Rahab is a picture of every single one of us.
The two spies can be those the Lord has put around us.
There can be many "two spies" out there that we cannot name but the Lord knew us.
He called us by name and He specifically has chosen you and me to be a vessel of His blessings.
Indeed the Lord doesn't call the qualified but qualified those He called.
He always used imperfect people who are to be perfected in the day of Christ Jesus' return.

Rahab is a picture for me of a broken vessel that was scattered yet out of the Lord's grace and mercy, she was mended and made whole all for His glory.

Thank You, God, for all the hopes and chances I never deserved.

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