Sunday, September 1, 2019

EZEKIEL 48:35, The name of that city

August 25, 2018
Hi LORD, my Father,
I know you're hearing me now and always because you are my Father.
You are amazing. Imagine, You are about to send me to a place I never imagined myself to be in there, not my dream either or not the one that I will choose for myself.. yet You are Sovereign. I'm excited and looking forward for what you have in store for me there.
Please give me wisdom how to deal and walk with them.
Give me understanding.. and mostly let me feel Your protection over me.
Give me confidence and peace Father as I go there and fill my heart with your goodness.
Praying also for side trip, for your favor Father.
Thank You because I am not alone. You are everywhere and You are with me.

This was my prayer back then when my work told me I will go to India for 2 weeks.
I was excited and at the same time afraid.
Excited because it will be my first time to travel abroad and afraid because I'm all alone.
I would have more peace, I think if it is in Japan, Korea, USA or Europe even if I'm all alone.
Also, most of the people who will know I would go there will say something that is not encouraging for me, which made my heart disheartened all the more.

So what did I do?
Since I believed God has something for me,
I asked for personal prayers (the one that I would be able to hear or read like text messages).
I also chose to believe God's goodness. Thinking only whatever is true, pure, lovely, admirable, trustworthy, and praiseworthy.
I committed everything to Him.

I wanted to go to India (aside from work), not because of the tourist spots, good foods or celebrities but because I want to experience the Lord there.

The day of my flight came. The feeling is still the same, excited and afraid (30% excited, 70% afraid).
My boyfriend prayed for me at the airport yet my travel confidence is still low.
Since I came on board super early, I had my quiet time. I was in Ezekiel back then...
Know how it ends?
Ezekiel 48:35 (NASB)
..the name of the city from that day shall be, 'The Lord is there.

Hearing this from the Lord boosted my confidence to the point of crying literally. This reminder cast out all my fears and worries. He never failed to encourage me.

Originally, I would just go to India yet it seems that the Lord also wanted me to experience Singapore (remember I'm praying for a side trip?)

Well, the company also sent me to Singapore for a different agenda and allowed me to stay there for more days.
And guess what?
The company of my boyfriend also sent him there!

God made my heart full!
I was only asking for India side trips - yet He allowed me to enjoy Singapore as well.
I thought I would be touring just with my colleague - yet He allowed me and my boyfriend to enjoy our first travel abroad (all free! charged to Him!).
At India

At Singapore

I enjoyed India a lot! so rich in culture and good people, they are accommodating and hard-working. The Lord uses the people there to show His goodness and care towards me.
I celebrated my 27th birthday there and I really appreciated everything they did for me.

My Indian Birthday Cake :)

I left India that afternoon of my birthday.
While waiting for my flight heading to Singapore, I felt like the Lord is dating me - the sweetest dinner date I ever had and it's so special.

On the plane, I was thinking if this travel is a birthday gift from Him.
The fact that I am literally closer to Him because I'm on the air overwhelms me.
I didn't feel alone even I'm away from my family and friends.
That day is all too complete and joyful with Him.

The LORD indeed granted all my prayers more than I could think of.


  1. I’m so proud of you, Sam! 😘

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