Saturday, August 3, 2019

Realization: MY PROMISE LAND

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Israelites awaited entering their Promise Land - a land flowing with milk and honey.

But before entering it the Lord reminded them not to seek the peace and prosperity of the nations around them.
They should not serve other gods but rather follow the LORD with all their hearts, soul, mind and strength.

During David's reign until Solomon's, the Kingdom became so famous around it's surrounding nations.
It is victorious in David's time while prosperous in Solomon's day.
The Lord made David strongest while Solomon wisest.

Yet, the Bible tells us that this Promise Land was divided after Solomon's reign and eventually destroyed by Assyrians and Babylonians.
See 1 Kings 12 to 2 Kings 25.

Entertaining this thought made me ask myself what is this one thing that I look forward to that I don't want to be destroyed.
Something like "My Promise Land".

I realized, maybe it is marriage.
I am not sure if all singles want to get married but as for me, surely it is a Yes, but of course, to the man I love who loves God more than me.

Even before my boyfriend asks the magic question, I dream of having our own family someday. I can't help but gets excited in the thought of it.

Yes, it is excited especially if you know personally that it is the Lord's promise for you.
But like the Israelites, the Lord is reminding me that entering it is not the ultimate.
It can be divided and destroyed if I lost my focus to God.
I should be careful not to idolize marriage nor my spouse.
Apart from the Lord our marriage would not be victorious and prosperous because He alone gives the strength and wisdom for both of us.

Pray for us as we enter our own promise land - our own land flowing with milk and honey.


  1. I'm so excited to hear more from you Sam especially when you enter to a new journey of your life. May God bless you always.I know the Lord God will teach you what is best for you. He will direct you in the way you should go as you are heading to the Land He had promised. I love you always.. so encouragement and blessed you are.

    1. Thanks ate mar. Indeed the Lord God is pur ultimate teacher and guide. Praise God! Love you too ate :)

  2. Indeed the Lord is faithful in keeping His promises. I'm encouraged by this article to seek more of God's promise too. God bless ate Sam and keep loving God.

    1. Hello, Kim. Praise God for that!!! You also encouraged me by being encouraged :)



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